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You Never Miss the Jingle
(J. Blue)

There used to be lights
Through the center of town
From the Odeon down to the Square
When I was a laddie
And Yule came around
My daddy would take me there.

We’d walk hand in hand
Through the gardens and stand
By the big giant Christmas tree
The memory of this is the greatest of gifts
That could ever be given to me.

Chorus: ‘Cause you never miss the jingle
‘Till the bell runs dry
A Christmas childhood memory
Would bring a tear to a glass eye.
From Timbuktu to Greenock
You will hear folks cry
You never miss the jingle ‘till the bell runs dry.

At the back of her wardrobe
Toys all piled up
Supposedly hidden from view
And we’d pull them out
Always risking the clout
If my Mammy or Santa knew.

The big day would come
And the songs would be sung
Then the tee and the lights put away
We let the years pass unaware of the loss
Of some magic each Christmas day.