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Played them like a...


A lyric for a 2012 Christmas song

December 27th
(Johnny Blue)

Table cloths and napkins
Once pristine
Now rumpled bundles of stains to clean

Bright ribboned boxes
Which held surprise
Lie crushed and torn before our eyes

Well intentioned learning toys
discarded by the girls and boys

Turkey gravy fish and ham
fight for the shelf space in leftover land

Jingle bells and other cheer
Banished For another year

Detinseled trees
Hit the sidewalk fast
The ghosts of recent Christmas past.

This came to me today. Why or from where (as usual) I don’t know.
Feel free to adopt it. Hopefully I wont need it for a while.


No plot for a marble slab to grace.
No euphemistic “resting place”
No oblong patch with box below
No place compelling tears to flow.
Reduce this corporal shell of mine,
to smoke and ash and dust so fine
it can be carried on a gentle breeze,
to settle where the wind may please.
Those who feel the need for prayer,
can exercise it anywhere.
For I’ll be in the light of dawn,
and each sunset that you gaze upon.