MUSEic in Progress

Why this page?

The purpose of this page is to share song ideas with other musicians.
Although I do not restrict myself to singing and recording in one genre,
inevitably the muse sends me songs which would be better suited to
other performers.

The first song to be featured on this page of “Songs in progress”
is “Daddy's Girl” a song which needs a female vocal to do justice
to the story that the lyrics tell.

Daddy’s Girl

CHORUS: When I was a little girl Daddy got my nose.
When I was a high school girl Daddy got divorced
When I was a teenage girl I learned to keep my own heart closed
The woman I am now’s confused,
want to play the game but don’t want to lose,
my heart as easy as I used to lose my nose.

Daddy’s little girl of curls and ribbons in her hair
Mama’d say we dress just so, a lady must take care
polka dots and stripes don’t go, you ought to be aware.


Daddy’d argue it’s a phase, hormones everywhere.
Mother sniffed and told him bout the smell of my room air,
“but you just turn a blind eye be the good guy, laissez faire.”

Mom would come to visit criticism in her stare
Daddy came to tell me
“my baby has a flair, for putting things with other things,
especially that thing over there”


Daddy’s gone and Mama’s mind is in some other where.
Like a faithful daughter weekly I deliver care.
Tending withered hearts and flowers.
And finding I have withered hours to spare.


I came across the YouTube page of James Provan. He posts as GIR2007.
One of his videos called "Night Trip" got me thinking about our relationship with cars.
I asked James if he would like to collaborate. He said he would.
My idea was to use the sped up car trip of the original and edit in old American car commercials, sprawling oil fields, and the burning oil fields of the Iraq war.
Of course I had to rewrite the music track add lyrics and generally take over the project; I haven’t heard from James for a while, maybe he’s busy, maybe I’m to pushy.


Wrap yourself in plastic, glass and steel
How long can you last behind the wheel
Place your clockwork hands at ten and two
Trick the voice command to answer you.

A little help to get from A to B
A trip to hell nobody could foresee
Who would not embrace the good intention?
Now greed will not replace the tired invention.

Flash past as lights splash a mishmash of confused emotions
A world on it’s last gasp from cheap gas and selfish notions

Rubberneck with old tech, just a speck upon a windscreen
Future eyes will scrutinize with sad surmise, what we could have been.

Wrapped ourselves in plastic, glass and steel
How long could we last behind the wheel
Placed our clockwork hands at ten and two
The voice command now tells us what to do

Come so far and yet so far to go.
No time now to try to take it slow
Oceans full of promise unfulfilled
The checkered flag flies just beyond the hill.


One of the singers Richard (Uglow) works with heard some of our collaborations.
He-asked if we could write something for him.
His criteria: It must be a “sexy and soulful” ballad.
I called it “What’s A Guy To Do”
(Rich has his own title for it but that’s another story)
We put my vocals on the demo, to give Nati-the client-some ideas for phrasing.
Well I loved the vibe so much that I decided it wouldn’t do the song any harm to be released by me as well as Nati.
The mix needs some more tweaking (I also want to add girl backing vox) 
The version here is the demo we made for Nati.

What’s A Guy To Do

By: Johnny Blue & Richard Uglow

I breeze in and out of town
Don’t let nobody tie me down
Come and go however I please
Cause women want a guy with flair
And men say “boy that guy’s a player
That’s the picture all the world sees

Baby you changed everything
Turned my whole world upside-down

What am I to do Whenever I’m with you
It’s so true I become a stranger
Weak around the knees Do anything you please
This aint me I’m the Lone Ranger
What’s a guy to do What am I to do What’s a guy to do

I hit the clubs and cruise the bars
Hotel rooms and private cars
The alpha dog for sure
Now this dog has had it’s day
Hanging on each word you say
Command me I am yours


I’ve had lovers come and go
changed’m like a TV show Or a radio song
Like snapping for a taxi cab
Just as soon as one goes past
Another one comes along


Your input is welcome