1. Mondust

From the recording GENRES ONE


Lyrics by Johnny Blue

Maybe it was the moonlight
But all night through
My eyes were filled with starlight
‘Til the day broke through
Lunar madness notwithstanding
Or proved
I deduce
It was the moonlight and you.

I used to love the sunrise
And the morning dew
I’d rise before the sun’s
Morning rays peaked through
Night owl habits now are my
De rigueur
Oui monsieur
It was the moonlight and you.

It’s true for you

The man in the moon blew down dust, you see
Put the night sky in my eyes
Shone love light on me
I believe

That it was the moon’s fault
Because all night through
Moondust affected us
You must have felt it too
Shanghaied on a moonlight cruise
Just for two
All alone here with
The moonlight and you.

It was the moonlight and you.