1. Gaelheart

From the recording BIG BAHOOKIE for download

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(written by John Blue)

I took a plane from California
Though California was lovely to see
There is one thing it cannot afford ya
That’s the view that’s been calling to me

I’ve watched the daybreak on lakes of Muskoka
And from the beaches of Toronto the Good
And yet my heart aches for the green hills of Scotia
I’d say my morning prayer there if only I could

Bridge: For there are songs of home
For all who care to sing them
In whichever foreign tongue
They call their own
And the heart-string tugs and tears
Some songs can bring them
For me they come from Scotland, that’s my home.

Chorus: I’ve seen the sun rise in many a beautiful, foreign land
I opened my eyes and traveled for miles, and miles, and miles
It is no surprise, I know a Gaelheart will understand
There is nothing like
The sunrise right
There on the western Isles