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(Adaptation of “Miss Kate Ruzby” by John Cuscor, Battlefield Band)
Lyrics by: John Blue

The sea may be calm but my heart’s in a raging storm
As I look to the East where I left you behind
Are you waiting for me? Or has time stole your love?
Are you real
Or just a young sailor’s dream?

Water and stars were to guide me away from you
They’ll return me to home, a more prosperous man
With my fortune in tow, I will buy back the past
Is it real
Or just a sailor’s dream?

Oh, we’ll dance and we’ll laugh and sing
There’ll be fiddles, there’ll be flowing wine
And we will lock away the thief of time
In a forever embrace

Do you dream the same thing? Is this fantasy only my design?
Were you always or ever mine?

Vast oceans between what could be and what might have been
Hope, memories and plans washed away with the tide
A lifetime gone by like a drop in the rolling sea
Was it real or just a young sailor’s dream?