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(by Johnny Blue)

Chorus: The first time it was just a car
The second time just a broken heart
The third time it was the worst so far

I was still a loddie, skootin’ about like a toori
In and out in a fury
Borne of the urgency o’ the young
I didnae know what hit me till they woke me up and telt me
I said if I was Gerry Gorman I’d have run over him.

Chorus: (first line only)

It was platform shoes and flares
Galis Alice at the Palli
Or the ice rink down in Paisley
Somewhere not so far from home
You were Twiggy, you were magic
You were dancin’, I was askin’
So you danced across my heartstrings
I got run over once again.

Chorus: (first two lines only)

He was in a bed in Larkfield
In God awfie striped pajamas
He was captured in my camera while he lay withering away
He was half the man he used to be
As he crumbled right in front of me
And I didnae make it back to see
His fateful, final day.

Chorus (full chorus)

Repeat full chorus