1. The Horizon

From the recording BIG BAHOOKIE for download


(written by John Blue)

Eight thousand days by a river where I never learned to swim
Raised by a mother, no other would have done
Praised by a father in his rather quiet way
Sent to Coventry by those dear to me, so in Coventry I stay

I was schooled by priests in an Orangeman’s town
Encouraged to stay standing on the lowly, holy ground
Reminded of my station every time I turned around
For a look beyond the horizon.

Chorus: And it’s slàinte
May the devil never get yi
Here’s to one and aw
Good luck never neglect yi
We will raise a jar
That the angels will protect yi
All the way beyond your horizon.

I was left for dead by people that I love
Marched blindly into Hell, calling curses on above
I gave a friend a hand, received a traitor’s shove
For a look beyond the horizon.

Robbed Peter to pay Paul and was hounded for my crime
With my back against the wall, I defended what was mine
I bet my bottom dollar I’d spend my last dime
For a look beyond the horizon.


I have played many parts, I have told many tales
I have broken people’s hearts, I have mended people’s sails
I have floundered in the dark of the belly of the whale
For a look beyond the horizon.

Now I’m back in the saddle riding fast toward the stars
It’s been written in the runes that the journey will be hard
But the light in the eye of mo duinne
Will take me far beyond the horizon