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(written by John Blue)

As you hear these words you’ll wonder
Could a ca come from the living?
What is living but to ponder
On the mysteries of heaven
And if heaven spawned a deil
Then it dropped him off in Eire
When we raise a wee bit Hell
It’s then I feel him right beside me.

Chorus: I’ve sung songs of love and far off lands
Of God’s good grace and the devil’s plans
Raised the roof in many a town
And always standing close, I’d feel the ghost of Shane Macgowan

A crooked grin or grimace
And a quick swig of the whiskey
Battering the melody
As if it slurred his mammy
Then shining like a diamond
Swaying in his drunken glory
Showing lesser beings
What he is and always will be


Homage is a poofy word
The man would never use it
But it fits no matter how absurd
There is no way to lose it
So charge your glasses one and all
To health we’ll drink our pleasure down
And pray it’s years away
‘Til there’s a ghost of Shane Macgowan