1. Daddy's Girl


Daddy’s Girl
Johnny Blue

CHORUS: When I was a little girl Daddy got my nose.
When I was a high school girl Daddy got divorced
When I was a teenage girl I learned to keep my own heart closed
The woman I am now’s confused,
want to play the game but don’t want to lose,
my heart as easy as I used to lose my nose.

Daddy’s little girl of curls and ribbons in her hair
Mama’d say we dress just so, a lady must take care
polka dots and stripes don’t go, you ought to be aware.


Daddy’d argue it’s a phase, hormones everywhere.
Mother sniffed and told him bout the smell of my room air,
“but you just turn a blind eye be the good guy, laissez faire.”

Mom would come to visit criticism in her stare
Daddy came to tell me
“my baby has a flair, for putting things with other things,
especially that thing over there”


Daddy’s gone and Mama’s mind is in some other where.
Like a faithful daughter weekly I deliver care.
Tending withered hearts and flowers.
And finding I have withered hours to spare.